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About Us

About Lakes - Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

To be a competitive volleyball program firstly focused on district 831 players, but drawing upon the local area to round out teams at each age level and create competitive teams in which each player is challenged and can improve skills and abilities. We will offer appropriate levels of play for the various skills that are evident at every age bracket and provide the opportunity for players to improve their skills and enhance their abilities.

Exceed the expectations of the players and the parents by providing a well-organized program with a highly qualified coaching staff and focused improvement targets for each age bracket. Lakes Volleyball will create a systematic and consistent approach to teaching volleyball skills, techniques and teamwork that builds each year of the program. To remain consistent, Lakes Volleyball will develop these techniques in conjunction with the Forest Lake High School Volleyball program. Fundamental skills are the focus during the early age brackets (12’s and 13’s) with techniques and more  complex skills built upon that foundation each year thereafter. The Lakes program is committed to be the best value in the area, we will provide a competitive volleyball program and strive to keep the costs competitive by utilizing school facilities, working with FLAAA, partnering with the community and the area businesses and sponsors, and by organizing fundraisers that will reduce program fees to players.

To develop and improve the athletic abilities of the volleyball players, to promote teamwork, and good sportsmanship, resulting in a positive volleyball experience. The Lakes program offers each individual the opportunity to reach their full potential through hard work, skilled coaching, teamwork, and community support.

Lakes Volleyball works within the Junior Olympic Volleyball program; we require the full dedication and commitment by the players and parents in order to create competitive teams.