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Middle School Volleyball (Jr. Rangers)

2021 Game Schedules for All TEAMS

Week day Games

Masks are required on the bus!

We are not aware of any spectator limitations at this time. However, many locations are requiring masks for spectators and players not actively participating on the court. Please respect each school's requirements and be prepared.

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Saturday Details (NSVUFL)- A teams only

Use link below for October 16th information

NSVU Fall League Schedule - Week 5


4 Teams - 1 pool of 4 on 2 courts:  Play 3 matches in a row, team with the best record is the champion.

6 Teams - 2 pools of 3 + 1 Crossover Match on 2 courts:  Play pool play then 1st v 1st, 2nd v 2nd, 3rd v 3rd.

8 Teams - 1, 8 team bracket on 4 courts:  Play 3 matches in a row, play out all places.

Detailed schedules will be available upon arrival.  Start times, location, and court assignment are communicated below.


1.  Athletes and Coaches enter facilities no earlier than 30min prior to their wave.

2.  Spectators enter facilities no earlier than 10min prior to their athlete’s competition.

* With more matches being played, they likelihood of waves exceeding their scheduled times increases, therefore it is extraordinarily important that athletes, coaches, and spectators adhere to the stated entry times.


1.  Warm ups!  Just like the previous 4 weeks, once your team has implemented a 4 minute warm up, you receive no addition 4 minute warm up in subsequent matches.

2.  6 Team Divisions have an officiating team for all matches, just like the previous 4 weeks.  

3.  4 or 8 team Divisions will officiate their own with one coach blowing a whistle to initiate serve and end play.  When officiating their own coaches are required call their own infractions based on reminder #4 below.

4.  Officiating is still relaxed!!!!  Call the net if it is TERRIBLE or dangerous.  Call ball handling if it is terrible.  THAT IS IT.


Saturday Playdate Schedule

9/18/2021           7A & 8A Maroon

9/25/2021          7A & 8A Gold

10/2/2021          7A & 8A Maroon

10/9/2021          7A & 8A Gold

10/16/2021        Both 7A & 8A Maroon & Gold

Additional NSVUFL Information

2021 NSVU Fall League Rules and Information

Specific Reminders from the League:

1.  Spectators may enter 10 minutes prior to competition!  This is due to the need for keeping numbers down in each facility and to allow for greater social distancing with less potential exposure to COVID.

2.  Spectators are reminded to exit the facility when their team is officiating… same rationale as above.

3.  Warm ups prior to match one are 2-4-4, prior to match two are 2-4, and prior to match 3 just 2.  Again to ensure timely completion of waves and allow for facilities to clear once your team has implemented a 4min warm up prior to their 1st match they do not need to utilize that 4min again.

4.  Officiating is relaxed!!!!  This league promotes play. At no time is it acceptable to yell at an official.  

5.   Most teams will participate in 3 team pools, in which the schedule will be one of the following:

Team A vs. Team C (Team B Officiates)

Team B vs. Team C (Team A Officiates)

Team A vs. Team B (Team C Officiates)


Follow the MSHSL rules: No Chemical Violations - tobacco, e-cigs, alcohol or drugs.


Social Media - keep as private as possible, we all need positive team attitudes! (No phones at practice or on the benches, always sit with teammates).


Communication process (if you have concerns)

Parents, if you have a concern or question about your child, team or coaching, please discuss the issue at great length with your child to get all the information possible.

Player expectation

Play for the fun of the game. Bring a positive, enthusiastic attitude to all events to help foster a positive team experience. Be gracious when you win and graceful when you lose. Respect and abide by the rules of the game.


The top 2 teams from each age group will have opportunity to participate in Saturday playdates - each team gets 3 playdates -  (info pulled today from Kokoro website). Players selected will pay an additional $75 to participate.

Competitions will be held on Saturdays

Dates: 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/16 (morning to early afternoon start times).

Competition will be hosted around the Twin Cities Metro area with other area clubs.  

At this time, spectators will be allowed.

Jr Rangers FAQs

Questions about what to expect or the program in general, go to this page and review.

COVID-19 Information

We will follow the FLAMS Covid plan as we use their facilities.

For the most up to date schedule, please refer to the Suburban East Volleyball website for Forest Lake -

  1. Expand "View Schedules"on the right hand side of the suburbaneast site
  2. Scroll down to "Volleyball 7/8" for the Gold schedule
  3. Scroll down to "Volleyball - Girls 7/8" for the Maroon schedule
  4. Click View

Girls are expected to stay for both A and B games