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Middle School Volleyball (Jr. Rangers)

Practices will be at the middle school starting at 2:30 until 4:15. Please plan on picking up your player by 4:30 at the latest.

Follow the MSHSL rules: No Chemical Violations - tobacco, e-cigs, alcohol or drugs.


Social Media - keep as private as possible, we all need positive team attitudes! (No phones at practice or on the benches, always sit with teammates).


Communication process (if you have concerns)

Parents, if you have a concern or question about your child, team or coaching, please discuss the issue at great length with your child to get all the information possible.

Player expectation

Play for the fun of the game. Bring a positive, enthusiastic attitude to all events to help foster a positive team experience. Be gracious when you win and graceful when you lose. Respect and abide by the rules of the game.

Jr Rangers FAQs

Questions about what to expect or the program in general, go to this page and review.

Parent Meeting

Stay tuned for details ...