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Jr Ranger COVID Plan

Jr. Rangers COVID- 19 Plan

  • Players should stay home if they are feeling sick.


  • Players will wash hands before arriving to practice. Players will bring their own hand sanitizer to use during water breaks and at the end of practice.


  • Players will space water bottles apart from each other.


  • Instructors and participants are encouraged but not required to wear face coverings. Please bring your own to practice if you wish to wear one.  Masks are required in all other areas of the school.


  • Instructors will promote healthy hygiene practices by reminding players to wash their hands, cover their coughs and sneezes with a tissue or elbow, and encourage players to stay 6 feet apart when possible. No close huddles or high fives.


  • Instructors will limit the number of volleyballs per court each day and rotate balls to help reduce exposure.


  • Instructors will do their best to keep players in smaller groups along with keeping the players separated by their Maroon/Gold school schedules.


  • Pickup should be timely; athletes should refrain from gathering in close groups while waiting.


  • All parents should wait by their vehicles at pickup.  If a parent needs to speak to a coach, please reach out by phone or email.


  • If a player tests positive for COVID -19 that player will not be allowed back with the team until symptoms are resolved following the CDC and MDH guidelines. 


The health and safety of our players and staff remain our highest priority.  We ask that you help us protect their health as well.  Anyone who is sick or was sick with COVID-19 or recently in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days should not come to practice.


Please send the signed COVID-19 Waiver form with your child on their first day of practice.   Thank you!

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